Never fear! Scooter-nurse is nearly here!

Scooting nurses pic

We’ve all seen nurses on TV running down corridors to respond to emergencies. What if the hospital wings extend 262 feet in either direction from their station? A Chinese hospital has enlisted common sense (not always so common) and supplied their nurses with scooters and bicycles! (And I bet the scooters, with their ease of mounting and dismounting, prove to be faster over 262 feet than the bikes, even step-through models – you have to get up on the seat and situate the pedals before you can really get moving on a pedal-bike.)

Testing proved the wisdom of the concept as nurses employing a kick scooter or bicycle were able to cut their average response times by 7 seconds – no small potatoes in cases where every second counts!

Just look both ways before you leave your room on the corridor!


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