It’s more a scooter than a bicycle

Gravity Bike pic

S.I.N. Cycle’s “Our lives are going downhill fast” S2 Gravity Bike. It has a riding position a little like a Grand Prix motorcycle (check the low “clip-on” style handlebar at left). The rider kneels on the little mid-bike platform and rests his feet on the rear-axle pegs. (You’ll see.) Then he points it downhill.

Here’s a spiffing YouTube video of an earlier S1 taking on a run “called Hellway. Starts at The Portland Zoo ends at Goosehollow Max Station down hwy 26. The max takes you back up into the hill then an elevator shoots you up to the top – it’s perfect.”

Thanks and a tip of the bucket hat (not what you think) to Tom Brown.

UPDATE: Kickbiking Yahoo! list member gabrielr12358 found, on, How to Build a Gravity Bike from Harlan Whitman of S.I.N. (Sir Isaac Newton) Cycles.


2 Responses

  1. Interesting video of a nice downhill road with a transit and elevator return. As for the S.I.N., I would hate to subject my old knees to what my feet and legs usually have to put up with, and that big sharp header in front of the face is asking for a tragic accident, and the back wheel is in a scary place, and its hard it scoot it, but besides all that, it goes down the hill okay.

  2. Yeah! Almost all the danger of a sport motorcycle! I love it.

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