The ecstasy and the agony

Toucan 20 Suspension Dogscooter pic

Discussion on the Yahoo! kickbiking mail list recently turned to Czech Yedoo scooters; this link provided by Dave Riley showed me two scoots that powerfully reminded me of Belize Bikes’ Toucan scooters – I bet they come from the same supplier.

Belize scooters are elegant bikes (hence the ecstasy), but with terribly high footboards (the agony). I find the Toucan 20 Suspension Dogscooter, pictured above, especially gorgeous (I’ve downloaded that pic for my scooter-slideshow screensaver collection), but it has a tragic 5.5″ deck height! For me the cutoff point is a deck 4″ high; with low-profile tires alone I’ve managed to get my Kickbike™ and AW Footbike to around 3″, which is still high enough for general-purpose kicking (think uneven-ground clearance).

New tires won’t help the Toucan 20, though. Oh, the humanity!


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