Triple-threat velodrome envisioned

Artist rendering of track

Architect Charles Wagner thought bicycle tracks needed a tweak: With tracks still looking like a hundred years ago, even though cycling as a sport has developed rapidly over the years, this project aims to demonstrate the look of a future velodrome.

Well, okay. The halves of the Luxodrome would be conventional banked tracks of 200 and 250 meters lying next to one another, and between them exit ramps that connect the tracks in a figure-eight configuration (with an under/overpass – you don’t want to see a race with an intersection).

But with the under/overpass, there must be some grades. So far there are no bicycle track events using grades (not to mention turns to the left and right), but maybe with a new track will come some new race formats. Maybe including some new vehicles, such as footbikes. I reckon the full-length track would be around 500 meters; could be interesting.


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