Dave Riley bags his Mibo

Mibo picAround here, the smallest scooters we generally regard have wheels of twelve inches or larger. (Though this is still rather cool.)

Dave Riley has documented his Mibo experience: Uncrating it, getting to know its quirks, and comparing it to his Kickbike.

So, has he gotten rid of it (“bagged it”)? On the contrary, he’s found the key to traveling with it (as opposed to on it):

At 8 kgm it isn’t especially light but that’s not the primary issue in way of cartage. Unfortunately, the Mibo isn’t a balanced carry and after a distance discomfort can set in.


Outside, out and about, the scooter is better riden rather than carried but when folded and ‘ported’ between scoots I find that it is preferable to bag the scooter rather than let it travel naked.

Read “The Mibo Folding Scooter: gets around, folded and bagged” »


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