The Bank of England considered buying six bicycles

Biking businessman…so that its officials could continue to move around in the event of a full-scale financial meltdown (The Telegraph).

Well, this is daylight madness, as anybody (well, kickers) can see! Oh, Director! My chain has come undone! Too bad we didn’t think to extend maintenance (when we could) to even the simplest infrastructure required to repair bicycles! Oh, woe is we!

Not that simple! It’s not high-tech but it does need industry. There’re gears to forge, chain to be linked. Real, metal-working industry. Or, since the F.-S.F.M. (full-scale financial meltdown), – a scavenging industry … I say, Psmith’s cousin has a bicycle shop, eh what?

Yes, Director. (Mind your trouser-cuff, sir.) Psmith said the chap’s already out of the City, and well on his way north. Said he had a new gizmo that was practically maintenance-free … called a footbike or something.


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