What the world needs now

Raxibo Hand-Tret-Velo pic

Rube Goldberg contraption…ain’t this tribute to Rube Goldberg:

Raxibo is essentially a bicycle with a separate, arm-powered drivetrain that works in conjunction with the traditional pedal system. Cyclists use both their arms and legs to pedal forward. The idea of the system is that you can work your entire body during a bicycle ride, instead of just your legs. The system gets your arm, shoulder, chest and back muscles involved.

Seriously? That’s considerably less simple than a bicycle, let alone the two wheels and a handlebar that comprise each footbike.

As per those health benefits, compare the whole-body footbike workout described in this paper (pdf) from Dr. Avruskin.

Back to the Raxibo:

The specific mechanical details are a bit fuzzy, but it’s clear that the hand crank uses a series of chains and pulleys. A derailleur system channels both pedal and hand torque to the rear wheel. The system is adjustable and can be set to different arm lengths and preferences. The hand crank has a tilting action that steers the front wheel.

Wowser! And I don’t even want to try a Trikke!

PS: It goes for only 2,500 Swiss francs (US $2,617 as of publishing)


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