Wheelchair-reliant former athlete finds out

Lisciandrano and footbike…what a great therapeutic device the footbike is.

I bought mine after a bicycle crash raised a giant hematoma in my groin (I know, right?) and couldn’t cycle while it healed (which finally took months). But I could move my legs enough to enjoy a cool-looking scooter and so I bought the then-cheapest model at Kickbike America, sight unseen, and the rest is history.

Now a former marathon runner in Australia has a more-compelling story:

Three years ago wheelchair-reliant former athlete Cheryle-Ann Lisciandrano did not dream she would compete again.

But two hip replacements “gave her legs back” and now the Coburg mum-of-three will ride 200km for cancer research.

Mrs Lisciandrano will use a kickbike (sic) – similar to a scooter – which she credits for changing her life, in the two-day Ride to Conquer Cancer fundraiser for Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

While her hips do not permit her to ride a bicycle, the kickbike is different.


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