America’s got talent – and a scooter

Pic of groupNot only did the American BMX Stunt Team make it to the next level on America’s Got Talent, they also included a roller skater – and a BMX scooter! Based in Greenville, in my Old North State, they wowed the audience with a crowded stage of flying bikes and bodies (all of which remained intact at the end of the performance, to the disappointment of Howard Stern).

Ironically (and we see this all the time), the child’s variant of the bicycle, the scooter (which is seen pretty clearly for a moment at :25), is being kicked by the oldest member of the troupe, who’s in his forties. I remember my forties.

A tip o’ the Campy cap (and a Scooter-Sport t-shirt) to Tom Brown.


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  1. I think the BMX team has done great and I hope they continue to stay in the game. I thought the scooter act was great and it was more than I expected for this audition. I’ve enjoyed the past few episodes of AGT using the option to skip commercials on my primetime recordings a day after they record. I was impressed with the Auto Hop feature after my coworker from Dish showed me. It’s an awesome feature that lets me decide if I want to skip commercials or not. I know when I watch TV it feels like the ads are longer than the actual show, so that’s where Auto Hop is a huge benefit to me. With Auto Hop I do not have to fast forward and rewind to find the start of the next scene. I think it’s great that viewers now have the choice of just skipping over the commercials without having to push the buttons.

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