More big wheels!

2x700c footbike

Martin Bonder, of the Stepclub Green White Feet AKA De autoped vereniging van Groningen en omstreken, sent in a few pictures to add to the 2×28″ footbike file. He writes, “25 home-made alu scooters, 2 x 700c (2 x 28″).”

The scooters are made by me at my home in Eelderwolde. I have made the scooters for members of several teams of the NAF.

The purpose of making them is that in the NL the scooters are used for (long distance) races, the hype in the NL is to use two 28″ wheels for (long distance) races (e.g. carbon scooter of Peter Groeneveld). The carbon scooters of Peter Groeneveld are too expensive for many people and therefore I made the aluminum models this winter.

They are easier to ride (stable).

More speed with less effort.

Alloy: Aluminum: 50 x 3 mm tube.
Rear fork: Elips 50 x 25 x 2 mm.

No. 1 scooter with two 28-inch wheels. Now already very fast, but too low. With 2 cm (3/4 inch) space under the scooter and a slightly bouncing frame this is too low.

Bike too low! I could work with that…

Here is a shot of frames, and here is another pic of one of these beautiful bikes.

With one of these frames, one could complete a footbike in any bicycle store. Sure, you can almost do that with a Kickbike® or Footbike® – except for that rear wheel!


4 Responses

  1. Nice scoot but needs welding lessons for this expensive product

  2. Hi, are the 2 x 28 frames for sale ? Thanks, Rob

  3. These were made especially for the Dutch Scooter Federation by Martin Bonder. I, too, would like to find a 2×28″ scooter for sale.

  4. I got word from Martin that he is making twenty more frames and selling them for under four bills. The expensive part is overseas shipping. need to make a group purchase. Thanks, Rob

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