Sbyke – the story of a scooter

Scootboard picThe Sbyke® looks like a lot of fun, but not real useful beyond a mile. (Of course, I could be wrong. A few friends made it three miles to school on their 1960’s skateboards every day. I broke my leg in 1961 on one of the first commercial skateboards – 15 minutes after I first set foot on it.)

But as a child’s toy (its intended use), the Sbyke is pretty ripping, complete with rear-wheel steering via a skateboard truck under the back of a modified skateboard deck, all hanging from the front axle, rendering the front wheel non-steering.

Sbyke has won awards for its outstanding patented rear-steer kick scooter from both Popular Science and Parenting magazines; that story is told in this press release from their engineering services provider. GKS Engineering Services comes at the award news from their rôle in the process, serving up an interesting history of the award-winning … scootboard … er, skatebyke:

Sbyke co-founders Steve and Bart Wilson wanted to use the most advanced technologies to design, test, and build their innovative and fun product. Since it was to be a children’s toy, safety was also a big concern. They first contacted GKS Services Corp. to perform high-accuracy 3D laser scanning on the hand-built one-of-a-kind sbyke prototype and create a 3D digital model necessary for further development and manufacture.


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