Footbike fat frametube fix

Footbike frame fix pixThe admirable stiffness of the Footbike™ frame nevertheless comes at a price: the frame that extends underneath the floorboard decreases ground clearance. Bob Schutz has a solution.

Most footbikers seek to find the lowest position from which to kick, and scrapes are common place. If you are running your deck low, even on a smooth road surface, irregularities from frost heaves, pavement cracks, pavement seams and repairs, and of course speed bumps can take its toll.

If the frame is aluminum, every scrape is removing structural metal. If it is steel, we expose the unprotected metal to the elements leading to rust. In either case we are shortening the life of our footbikes.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this Pete. I’m running the lowering kit on my Millennium Racer KB – this additional protection will give some extra life to the frame. I’ll also see if I can fit the tubing to my Toucan 26/20 which takes a beating on the trails.

  2. Kickbike[R] models, including the Millennium Racer, have a footboard-tube that’s partially flattened, but its general shape would not make it incompatible with the above hack. Same with the Toucan. Just measure twice, as the saying goes.

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