What the well-dressed stepper will wear

Scooter Tie picI just came across this scooter necktie recently on my cyber-travels. I don’t think it’s particularly new, just very cool (even if it depicts Razor-type scooters)! So I’ve also put a link to it on the Scooter-Sport Links page.

Another new link there is to the east coast’s answer to steel-, leather- and wool-loving Rivendell Bicycle, VeloORANGE. Both shops are excellent for bags, baskets and all the old-fashioned bicycle components footbikers need (handlebars, stems, racks, bags, brakes, lights &c).

The above tie with knickerbockers and a sportcoat would be just the thing on a footbike accessorized by Rivendell or VeloORANGE!


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