Can you imagine doing this with footbikes?

Workstation pic

Belgian company We-Bike has come up with a modular workstation of seats with pedals (above) – which, when cranked, can provide enough electricity to power easy-riders’ personal electronics, and, it is hoped, some physical fitness.

That’s OK as far as it goes, although the users are still sitting – and we’ve heard about those risks.

Merry-go-round picAs we know, scooting is better all-around exercise than cycling. A workstation of footbikes would have to be built along the lines of a merry-go-’round with just handlebars on it, along the edge. The users would kick in the same direction, and after a while would turn around and kick in the other direction, with the other foot.

Although how they could do much snacking or office-work, having to hang on to those handlebars, I couldn’t say. Stuff’d be flying everywhere.


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