Etay Amir’s bamboo scooter

bamboo scooter pic

I know; when I followed the old link from my favorite search engine, it’s not what I expected, either. But it is nice. The seat assembly can be removed, and the front fork rake can be roughly adjusted (enough for a footbike). It seems pretty small, but I bet squirrels could put it to a lot of good use. And I can picture a human-sized version. From the Designist Dream website:

I was very excited to happen upon this Designboom’s feature article on the Israeli design student art exchange and training program in Chinese bamboo production and craft. Back when I first posted about it, I could only find photos of three bamboo toys. Now we can all drool at the super cool Metropolis cityscape set by Israeli design student Michal Zohar or the hipster-meets-scooter by Israeli design student Etay Amir and plenty of other toys – which I’ll put up on flickr – show how cool bamboo is for kids and parents alike.

Let it be a reminder, too, of essentially how simple scooters can be to build – which is not to denigrate designers like Amir or any builders today: their achievements are not “simple.”

Still, if one were game, a laminated vertical wooden board could be cut to the silhouette of a footbike frame, with some kind of headset tubes inlaid at either end for forks (the rear one locked somehow). Or maybe bamboo could be lashed together to create approximations of these frames. I’ll expand on these ideas, with some drawings or illustrations, soon.


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