First-principles scooter – from the ground up

scooter picOver at custom-bicycle vendors English Cycles, they’ve been exposed to The Bug, transmitted by a client:

I was commissioned to build this by a customer looking for a custom kickbike/scooter that would be compact enough to be unobtrusively carried into stores etc, and light enough to do so comfortably. The design process took a little while, as I didn’t have prior knowledge of this style of bicycle, and I needed to ensure that I could build what was envisioned (emphasis mine).

I’m not so sure how much you can carry from stores, but you can’t argue with the elegance of this scooter. Actually the basic frame design, down to the individual decks, remind me powerfully of the carbon Exion Scooters.

A tip o’ the helmet to John V. in New Hampshire.


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