Sunglasses have bifocal magnifying lens for reading bike computers

Sunglasses pic

I’ve entered an existential phase in my footbiking; right now it means no bike-computers or other fanciful complications, just acting randomly and enjoying the ride. Still, that could always change. When it does, these nifty specs will let me glance down at my computer, magnified. From GizMag:

While electronics can enhance your [kicking] experience, they can also be dangerous if you’re spending time trying to get a readout rather than paying attention to the ground in front of you. What you need is to be able to glance at the display for a half a second, get the information and then put your eyes back on the road. Thing is, the compact nature of watches, GPS units and bike computers can make them difficult to read at a glance, especially if your vision isn’t perfect.

Retro-grouch that I am, all this talk is stirrin’ me up! Why can’t we go full-bore and have a wireless heads-up display projected onto the inside of the glasses?


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