Accessories: Basket-case

Bike basketOn bicycles, and especially on footbikes, baskets have always provided a reliable way to carry things.

But that’s only the sketch of a fascinating story. Brian Kaller writes, in Low-tech Magazine:

The craft of basketry … might be one of our species’ most important and diverse technologies, creating homes, boats, animal traps, armour, tools, cages, hats, chariots, weirs, beehives, shelters and furniture, as well as all manner of containers. Basket weaving makes use of fast-growing biodegradable materials – branches, twigs or shoots – that requires the forest to be cultivated rather than cleared. Basketry allows almost anyone, with little or no money and few tools, to create a large variety of useful goods in a way that is one hundred percent sustainable. More »

Now there’s the perfect “green” accessory for the greenest transportation.


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