Hannu Vierikko was supposed to become a doctor

Hannu VierikkoBut the fates would have him build fitness machines instead. Helsinki’s Vantaam Sanomat profiles Kickbike™ founder.

“It is embarrassing to confess. I have been to all medical school courses on a schedule I could have finished. As soon as I could, I went to a doctor in the summer and did ten years of replacements, so I was not a fake doctor.

“On call like crazy and at the same time I was trying to be a top athlete. Founded [Kickbike] in 1994. At the same time I was trying to work out and set up a family,” says Vierikko of the crazy years.

All in all, he is responsible for the company’s product design and development, production and quality control as well as world-wide sales and marketing.

Six kinds of Kickbikes annually sell about 5,000, Kicksleds less.

More (bring a Finnish translator) at Vantaam Sanomat »


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