Does it mean anything for us?

Rockboard Scooter MiniA rocking-propulsion child’s scooter wins Toy Industry Association’s “Outdoor toy of the year.”

The genius of the scooter is the advanced Rockboard Propulsion Technology™, a human-powered mechanism that enables kids of all ages to tear up the pavement without the assistance of an electric or gasoline-powered motor. The innovative hybrid scooter combines the drive-chain propulsion of a bicycle with the practicality of a kick-scooter…

It can’t hurt – can it? If we’re observed by kids (who often exult over our footbikes) maybe this will be seen as a training-scooter?

The rocker seems like a see-saw: each alternating downstroke of the child’s foot becomes a power stroke to the drive wheel. Here’s the only (auxiliary) power generator on a scooter that makes me exult…


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