Xounds! The best-laid schemes

Xounds“They must be taught! Disciplined! Who do they think they are?”

“Wanna-be’s. Do they know how many of these things are sold, compared to their wheelbarrows? They’ll soon be educated about their mistakes regarding two-wheeled, non-pedalled transportation, no? Yes! How’s your face?”

“A little better. That sidewalk seam really grabbed my scooter’s front wheel when I went to pass that old woman on the footbike. But, now that I can’t scoot at all, I’ve been on Ask Jeeves devising my revenge! Bua-ha-ha!”

“Bua-ha-ha! Those big-wheeled freaks’ll never know what hit ’em! ‘Cry havoc – and let slip the dogs of war!'”

Bw-ah-h-h-ha-ha! Want another juice box?”

Subsequently, on the other side of town,

Subject: [Footbikers Listserv] Spam post deleted

If you get group posts by e-mail, you probably got a spam post yesterday. Apparently, some four-foot villain used the e-mail address of a long-time member of this group to post the message. I've deleted it from the archived messages. I will need to moderate any messages sent to the group using this e-mail address, at least for a while, to prevent spam from being posted. Sorry. And no, it was photoshopped. There are no photos showing me on a Xootr, much less in a tutu!

Signed (Footbikers group moderator)

P.S. Has anyone been riding his or her Footbike (or kicksled) lately?


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