Xootr: Boon or bane?

Kate and XootrOr bollocks? A mighty cultural struggle is playing itself out in the newspapers and the ‘net: Is the Xootr (a cute little “adult” scooter that just fails the “pothole” test, making it a corollary subject for Scooter-Sport) the best thing since sliced bread or the harbinger of the end times? (Seeing celebrities on them makes me tend to think it’s the latter…)

5 Responses

  1. I’m a woman who owns many handbags, constantly changing them so I can tote the day’s surpluses. Likewise, I own many types of adult kick scooters, from small to bike-type. In a word, they are all “wonderful.”

    Small kick scooters ride best on nice sidewalks and unless you throw all caution to the wind by speeding downhill at 20+ mph with flimsy brakes, they are easy to manage. On the other hand, large-wheeled kick scooters are great on roads and can cover far more terrain than their small-wheeled siblings.

    Families who kick scoot together, from 4 years old to great grandparents, really have a lot of fun.

  2. The Xootr just misses the pothole test. I agree about its good uses. And as a footbiker, I say: What guitarist hasn’t been fascinated by a ukulele? What motorcyclist hasn’t cast a covetous glance at a Vespa?

  3. There is no comparison between the Xootr and a large-wheeled adult kick scooter. Outside of both having wheels, they serve different purposes. OK – the one commonality: pleasures to ride.

    Karen – letsKickScoot.com

  4. I use my xootr all the time, but I live in Santa Monica CA, it beats driving for short trips where there is no parking. I wish more people would use low impact transportation so We can share impacted areas (in this case seaside parks and boardwalks) without a millions cars. Can the publicity brought to these great alternatives by celebrity endorsements be anything but a boon? Can people really see popular adoption as a hit to their hipster cache, I hope not…

  5. Michael, my husband and I now ride Xootr Venuses and would not go anywhere without them (except, of course, in the winter in cold states). I plan on publicly promoting commuting by scooter in 2014. Wish me luck and let’s hope that the general public catches on to kick scooting as being a very viable way to travel!

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