Front-wheel-drive locomotive scooter on eBay

LocoScooterNow this looks interesting (eBay link, which will die when the item is sold). There’s a rod attached to the handlebars, which pivot forward, connected to the front-wheel crankset. You kick off and pull and push (or pulsh) on the bars; the rod will convert that linear motion to a rotary motion at the crankset and continue to drive the front wheel, like a steam locomotive. Here’s the seller’s description:

Amazing scooter / cycle. VERY rare (one-of-a-kind) demo. Patent pending. Combination kick scooter / front wheel drive vehicle.

~70″ L, 46.5″ High (at top of handlebars), 8″ high platform. Platform = 22″. How it works: You use it as a kick scooter – then push / pull the handlebars, in a rowing motion and the chain-driven front wheel drive can be engaged in a perpetual motion style. Uses standard 20″ Bicycle wheels Excellent source of fun (and exercise?), DEFINITE conversation piece! Excellent condition – prototype demo! $68 shipping w. insurance. Wheels will need to be removed for shipping. This bike / scooter / cycle needs to be seen, ridden to be believed – a true collectible. The pictures were taken with and without flash (color differences / some points of ‘flash glare’ are not defects…They are a representation of different angles and light that we tried).

Collectors…Get Ready! The Owner of Enginepowered spent years amassing a HUGE personal collection (He is 76!!!). We FINALLY got Dave to agree to part with many of his treasured pieces (SMILE). See other Auctions for similar items.

Check out our other Auctions and Ebay Store – you never know what we’ll put up.

A tip of the helmet to KOTA.


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