Footbiking fever hits Uruguay. Builder ready to rep


This is a fine bike, this foster-child of the Internet! A reader writes:


Hey There! I’m Billy Castelli from Uruguay South America. Foot Bikes aren’t available here yet, so decided to build my own.

HomemadeI’ve been a member of Rat Rod Bikes for a while now, and guys on that site introduced me to this great way of transportation, I felt in love right away! I’m sending you some photos of the build.

HomemadeNow I’m looking into bring to this region all the fun and excitement scooters are, so any information that could put me in touch with the industry to open my own dealership or import them here would be greatly appreciated.

HomemadeAll the best from this bit of the world,


Hello, Footbike? Kickbike? Who wants a toehold in a huge market? Email Billy here.


2 Responses

  1. GOOD LUCK Billy!….I told you they would be “addictive”…..You were WARNED…So don’t blame ME!


  2. I am inspired to now go and build 1

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