For the well-dressed white-collar footbiker

SuitpackFrom GizMag:

Leaving the car at home and [foot]biking to work certainly has its benefits – to the air we breathe, to the fitness of the rider and to the bank balance. For white collar workers though, this presents an attire problem – unsightly creases, mud splashes and a soaking from the elements don’t do much for your business suit. The Cambridge Design Partnership has just announced a possible alternative to stowing away a spare suit at the office or trying to flatten out the creases with a portable iron – the Suitpack. Just out of prototyping, the design is designed to keep clothing crumple-free while commuting to work, and has various compartments for storing accessories and shoes.

Nice idea. Doesn’t take up precious footbike cargo-space. (Actually a backpack with a loop on the inside top for a suit-hanger and two external pockets for shoes might serve almost as well, if one didn’t need to carry also a laptop.)

But being an exotic subset (footbikers) of a rara avis (the HPV commuter), I wonder how many of us wear suits to work? (Not that there’s anything wrong with it!)


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