The mysterious Orient

Yu Long footbikeFascinating North Carolina site Adventure Trucks (From a simple switch to a complete technical outfit for your truck, from a window to all you need to build your own truck or from a sandwichpanel to a complete turn key overland truck.) has become a little more interesting: they’ve advertised on Twitter a nice-looking “Kickbike step” for sale.

The downtube logo “Yu Long” led me to the Lanxi Yulong Bicycle Co. Ltd in “the beautiful land of orchids, Lanxi,” China. Their homepage shows one footbike among the bicycles, which looks like more of a trail scooter than the one (of three) being sold by Adventure Trucks, but with the same decals.

So here’s a Chinese footbike (one made and marketed by a Chinese concern, as opposed to supplied to certain Finnish or Dutch or other Western companies). I guess Chinese kickers have to buy their footbikes somewhere, which leads me to ponder: In China, a land of 1.3 billion-plus people, how many kickers are there? Must be a few.


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