Center to offer kickbikes for those with trouble walking

FootbikerFrom the Canon City (Colorado) Daily Record:

It is hard for those who have trouble walking to get any exercise.

But Fitness Concepts provides workable solutions for exercise and chronic pain, said physical therapist Karolyn Ellis.

“There are some fitness programs (at the Abbey) and I want to offer (kickbikes) to people, whose physicians have said, ‘you have to get on a home exercise program,” she said. “This is a therapeutic exercise program. Don’t think of it as a fitness class. Think of it as a fitness club.”

Kickbikes are similar to scooters with a large front wheel, small back wheel and a narrow footboard.

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2 Responses

  1. That’s so true. A kickbike is easy walking/running without the the heavy weight bearing that occurs when you pound each leg on the ground. Much easier on the knees than bicycles, the seeming complication of the foot change is easily mastered. When I started kicking I thought I was heading down the route that would take me in time to an electric scooter and since I wasn’t up to cycling I thought, ‘maybe kickbiking is a holding operation?”

    I have never looked back.

    The other advantage with scootering is that it is so much a pavement activity with road as an option. The frames are light/easy to lift when required and the chances of a fall are slim. The only fall I’ve had is when carrying a massive weight on my front wheel.

    On top of that you get more exercise return for your output than riding a bike the same distance/time. More of your torso is engaged and your hips are pro active. You are as likely to to stretch and strengthen your shoulder girdle as your calves.

    People superficially consider the kickbike and don’t recognise these attributes as self evident advantages over peddle power.

    And when you get tuckered out or the grade is too steep…you simply get off and walk.

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