It’s official: I’ve too much time on my hands

ASCII-art footbike

I’ve long been a fan of ASCII-art – old-time computer art made with characters from the basic ASCII letterset that all computers share. I used to include little ASCII-art drawings in my email sigs, but nowadays you never know who still reads their email in a fixed-width font (which ASCII-art requires). Even tiny one-line ASCII drawings, which don’t require the vertical alignment of fixed-width type, can look crappy with the wrong font. And more than a very basic footbike, like O\_o, which most people wouldn’t recognize, is impossible, although in HTML (which goes beyond ASCII) it’s barely possible: Õ\_ø. (But HTML in email is bad.)

But a big drawing (lettering? a form of calligraphy?) is pretty easy, although to share it a graphic screen-dump is the safest way. Here’s the full version of the above image.


2 Responses

  1. I’m an ASCII art geek too.

  2. And a very good one, too! (Click on Laura’s name above for some fine examples on her ‘blog.)

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