The Lamborghini of footbikes

Exion Scooter

In New York City, where Ferraris and other exotic cars are not uncommon sights, I once came upon a crowd of citizens studying something at the curb, which was obscured by that same crowd. Coming closer, I saw that the object of their admiration was a Lamborghini Countach, an amazing Italian exotic, the roof of which came up to about my belt.

Similarly, there is a footbike that many have noticed, a beauty that looks like no other, which I was reminded of in a comment on my post on the Ferrari-like Zockra scooter – the Dutch Exion.

Not only are they gorgeous, but Exion claims an efficiency gain of 20% over other bikes, due to their light weight, rigidity and extreme aerodynamics. And they are a lot less expensive than a Countach.


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