Those thrilling days of yesteryear

Homemade scooter picI’ve been looking for this photo for a long time – it took Hurricane Irene to unearth it, complete with water damage. (The eye of Irene passed right over us, but laid only 1″ of water under our house. Unfortunately, some old photos were in a cardboard box there.)

After a couple of hours with the gimp (not an injured footbiker), it was almost as good as new.

It depicts yours truly, around 1957, on Munn Avenue in Bogota, New Jersey, on my homemade scooter: an orange crate on end, bolted (my dad taught me to avoid nails in such applications) to a 2″x4″ length of wood; underneath were two halves of an old-fashioned roller skate. The crate held horse chestnuts, which we kids used as currency, and which heretofore had to be dragged about in red wagons. Here is a larger version. The reflector says School’s Out; Watch Out.

It looks like I was already developing the hundred-yard (or -meter) stare that I would later use racing bicycles.


2 Responses

  1. So, what did you have stashed in the orange crate “trunk?” Ball mitt,PowerHouse bar, bag o’ marbles, newspapers? Pretty nifty photo, Pete. The hair looks kinda drawn-on, though. You sure you didn’t photo-shop this? :^D

  2. The hair and front of the T-shirt sustained the most water damage and had the heaviest retouching, but my ‘rents did send me to the barber pretty often, so it’s pretty much what I looked like.

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