To see ourselves as others see

As Richard Thompson has written (in “Burns Supper”), What a new-found friend is honesty / To see ourselves as others see

On bicyclist Thomas Kohn’s blog A year of bike commuting he writes of encountering a footbiker (on day 56). Always an interesting perspective.

Shortly after I started up the Mad River Bikeway, I saw a slowly moving person ahead. From a distance, I could see the person had some machine with wheels. But the rider was bobbing up and down for a few strokes, then holding upright, and then bobbing up and down again. I slowed as I approached, and noted the front wheel was smaller than a 26-inch wheel typical on mountain bikes and the back wheel was even smaller. Between the wheels was a low shelf that was long enough for a foot. I asked the rider about his scooter and how he used it in his routine.

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PS: Speaking of Richard Thompson and two-wheeled conveyances, here’s his love song to one (albeit a motorcycle): Vincent Black Lightning 1952^


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