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Fantas(tic) Footbikes: ‘Rat Fink’ tandem

'Rat Fink' tandem scooter

A triumph of ingenuity, this fantastic footbike pays tribute to that Big Daddy of American ingenuity, Ed “Big Daddy Roth,” SoCal’s iconic kustom-kar creator. Builder FatBoy began it as a tandem, but things got a little wild. Curiously, scooters are embraced by the hot-rod community and used (when they’re not on display) at car shows and as pit-bikes at drag races. These guys “get it.”

Here’s a pic of Ed Roth’s hot-rod icon Rat Fink, ready for a ride, showing off a beautiful toolkit and a simple but structurally sound rear rack.

The workmanship and some details remind me of Jim Gallant’s beautiful homemades. A tip of the helmet to KOTA.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the article I love this thing!

  2. lucrari de licenta…

    […]Fantas(tic) Footbikes: ‘Rat Fink’ tandem « SCOOTER-SPORT.com[…]…

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