What did you do in the Kickabout, Daddy?

Table of Birding and Meditation

I just strung together a few habitual rides, with a camera. It was a cool (sixties, Fahrenheit) sunny day and I took my time getting to my favorite breakfast on the beach. The wait-staff came out to see my scoot, after one of them spotted it in the parking lot.

I thought to pull out my camera now and then, at big-deal places like the east coast’s highest sand dune, and many wrecks, like the USS Huron (our little bit of Atlantic has been nicknamed ‘The Graveyard of the Atlantic‘).

Here’s a pleasant little hidden-away park in Nags Head.

Here’s one of the ‘unpainted aristocracy,’ a famous group of old beach cottages in ‘old Nags Head’ style.

Some of our neighborhoods are reminiscent of Bermuda (which is only 500 miles away; some local fishermen go back and forth).

This modern Nags Header has a popular martin-house.

Here’s my neighborhood’s soundfront beach. And the Table of Meditation. Not to mention birdwatching.

And here, a big-deal kind of place, the Bodie Island lighthouse. (Hatteras, which famous lighthouse was moved a few years ago, is the island to our south.)

So, I got a great ride and some pictures out of Kickabout; some civilians were exposed to the mighty sport scooter: will any of them pick one up?


3 Responses

  1. Looks like ole Nag’s Head hasn’t changed that much since the days I used to party there in 1970. Me and couple of my Navy buddies would drive down from Norfolk, drink, cruise for chix and feast on fresh peppered shrimp. The driver was from Englehart, not far away. We went to his family’s house, where I had my first plate of butterbeans. They let us use their cottage where we’d pass out, wake up the next morning and throw up off the back porch. Good times, good times….My buddy’s favorite phrase was, “Don’t look for me on the shrimp boats, Honey. I’m comin’ home with the crabs!”

  2. @ BoB: “…throw up off the back porch”

    Been there; done that =D

    Get a kick in for the Day?

  3. Oh yeah! So nice I did it twice. Did two 30-milers this weekend. On one ride I witnessed the first ten minutes of the life of a horse. You just can’t pick up on stuff like that when you whiz past in a big chainring. Shook my head in disbelief and continued on my way. The smell of lilacs and apple blossoms was in the air the whole way–priceless!

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