Update: Sweet Swifty debut imminent

swiftygirlThe elegant Swifty scooter, née Geetobee, is rolling towards release to the kicking public. From their previous website:

Swifty One is the first model in a range of folding scooter to be produced under our new brand, Swifty Scooters. To celebrate this event, we will be producing 20 limited edition Swifty Ones in January 2011. (Jason at Swifty, on 7 March, says, “in the coming weeks.” That’s cool – the scoot looks well worth waiting for. ~Pete H.) Each one will be hand signed, dated and numbered by the designer making them truly unique!

That doesn’t bode too well for the purses of said kicking public, though it might be a good splashy way to introduce the scoot. (The price is still listed as £TBA.) Front lever brakes will be an “optional upgrade” appear to be included.

Still, it is a beauty, sturdily designed to fold easily down to a rollable package with a handle, and sourced and made locally in and around Manchester, U.K.


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