From the Enclyclopedia of Scooting

duggy and friends in Central Park

When a kicker on the kickbiking Yahoo! mail list asked for advice on how to keep his foot from slapping the ground audibly, longtime member duggy (in white, at left) responded by quoting from the legendary and rare Encyclopedia of Scooting:

“Irrational exuberance on a scooter involves slamming the active foot on the ground”

the encyclopedia of scooting :
subsection : foot contact with the ground

1. striding : normal contact and backstride propelling the vehicle

2. patting : light contact in situations in which the foot maintains momentum either on a mild downslope or approaching say , an intersection in which you likely will want to stop

3. tipping : just a touch of the toe in milder version of # 2

4. slamming : more or less self explanatory ; whacking the pavement as hard as possible in race mode

5. gorking : stretching the foot forward ; ramming the heel down first and rolling the foot as it moves to where the sole is on the pavement and launching off the toe ; usually for short distances when :

    a. you are trying to catch a beach cruiser bike
    b. you need to get to a rest room ;
    c. you need to get under cover in a rain storm and you don’t have your umbrella with you
    d. you are crossing a street / road and you absolutely positively must get across before the tractor trailer reaches your location
    e. above mentioned irrational exuberance takes hold of you or the EE factor kicks in [ EE factor exuberant exercise ; or maybe it’s excited energy .or … ]

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