Scooters and less benign technologies

Boiling frogMy recent decision to scale back my involvement with Scooter-Sport is not incongruent with my original impulse to embrace footbiking.

With internet (and meatspace) privacy issues exploding, it’s getting easier to feel the heat and remember simpler times in general.

To be sure, technology is a good thing, especially in the way it has brought the small but scattered footbike community together. (On the other hand, would a local footbike community grow more with less time spent by its members at keyboards?)

Then there’s the time-sucking aspect of the Internet, like TV before it. To be sure, it’s not always passive, like TV, but it can bethe line blurs.

Books are better. I state this categorically, while acknowledging two advantages of digitalization and the Internet: search, and the democratization of information. But information search has been around for 5,000 years, and without the dangers to privacy that the new forms entail.

Surely democratization is an unalloyed good thing? Well, not necessarily, or always. Consider Wikipedia’s spotty reputation on accuracy.

Books, however, have been around in various forms since practically forever, and do not depend on electricity to read or store. Talk about green.

No, I’m not going anywhere, soon. But relying less on the grid is a good idea, especially nowadays, right?

And what’s the excellent, green and easy-to-make transportation I’ll be using to visit the library?


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