Rip’t mah jeans – not!

one-piece clothespinOne advantage I thought footbikes had over bicycles was the possibility that one could wear long pants while riding – after all, there is no corduroy-chewing chainwheel to nip at one’s right leg.

That’s not quite the case, though; on G3 and older Kickbikes there is a rear side-pull brake anchor bolt that’ll bite your left pants-leg, and on AW Footbikes the rear fender stays will get both of ’em, depending on where the wind’s coming from. (And you’ll be wanting a rear fender to protect your nice long pants from road-juice – right?) Or if you remove the rear direct-action brake on any modern footbike, the remaining braze-ons will snag your baggies.

Traditionally, cyclists have used variations on bands to tie around their leg to cinch their slacks tight: purpose-made pants clips or old toe straps, remembered mostly by cyclists of a certain – er – vintage. Neither are that comfortable; the clips especially can press on your awesome ankle muscles.

A few retro bike stores in Great Britain are selling vertical trouser clips. (Grant Petersen, are you listening?) They’re a pretty item, but at a pretty price. What else might provide a similar function? That’s right: old-fashioned Shaker-style clothes pegs, which, of course, are getting harder to find; even the spring-style wooden clothespins are being displaced by plastic ones. Green, they’re not.

But there are stores that specialize in this sort of thing: craft stores, from which the old-fashioned clothes pegs are sold as doll parts, or accessories. I remember Christmas-tree ornaments from my distant youth made from these, painted as humanoid figures, such as Tschaikovsky’s Nutcracker, and clipped on a branch. They’re pretty cheap, too. A lifetime supply will set you back about $4.


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  1. Paint ‘Hummers Britches Clip’ on the side and it will be in every retro bike shop in the country. Get on it before Pedro does.

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