Nokia’s (foot)bike cell-phone charger

Bike cellphone chargerThe folks at Nokia Europe have come up with a cellphone charger ingeniously hooked up to one of those old fork-mounted headlight generators.

Apart from the slight drag (which is a little more troublesome on a scooter), it’s a pretty neat idea.


2 Responses

  1. EhPete–
    I am searching the house for an article that I just saw about a few folks playing with different formulas like you show here—-systems to repower laptops etc. Wait—a flashback to a book I read in the 80′ about a guy that pedaled his way across the US……hmmm, need to go research the old fashioned way..

  2. In those selfsame 1980’s, when it rained, I trained indoors (for bicycle racing) on rollers or a Racer-Mate and would read about people who had hooked them up to power TVs (pretty much the information technology state of the art in those days).

    Whither the indoor footbike trainer, a new holy grail, for those laptops?

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