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Large-wheeled scooters are catching on

Large-wheeled footbikes

… with the Step Team High Level, at the Grand Prix of Woudenberg, where they shone. Here’s a Youtube video from the day.

BTW, here are some pictures of what is probably the prototype – Peter Groeneveld’s 24-hour footbike. Peter has built carbon scooters for the Reijne girls.

3 Responses

  1. The one problem with large — or larger — wheels is bike length. Theres’ a demand on the scooter frame that tends to determine how much you need to dedicate to footwork. wheel diameter is always extra.

    This bike would not suit a lot of commute options — pavements, public transport, car boots,etc — but I bet it goes like the wind .

  2. The modern foot/Kickbike would seem to offer the best of both worlds – a large front wheel for stability and pothole resistance, and a small rear to minimize weight and length.

    I would think a long race would suit the 2x700c bikes, while a criterium would still be best handled by the 700c+18’s.

    The 2×700’s might even be longer than regular bicycles – but they look very nice.

  3. Also I notice, from the pic above, that the Reijne girls’ original carbon bikes seem to have extensions bolted onto the rear wheel stays to accommodate the 700C wheels: convertibles!

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