How retarded would that be?

Ferris wheeLEDMoses writes at the FootbikeUSA blog about those who would dare call scooters “retarded” and what might constitute a suitable retaliation response. This (pictured) might work, too, but might I suggest the ne plus ultra of warped goofiness, a gorilla suit?


3 Responses

  1. Gee,I thought your post might be referred to a message board thread I saw earlier today that showed up on a google alert. My advice, Watch out for Subaru drivers named “Skippy”! One of many lines, “I believe ‘retarded scooter aimed at adults who can’t afford a Segway to make them look cooler than everyone else’ is the correct description for one of those.”
    There you go!

  2. Ha! I saw that too. Then it true that you cannot believe everything you read.

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