FootbikeUSA lands on Facebook

facebook signProbably the first scootering concern to use “Web 2.0” social media, FootbikeUSA has taken the plunge onto facebook.

…we planted a little seed on a Facebook Group called – Footbiking in the USA. If you are a member of Facebook you will know in a few clicks on how to get there. As we start to see the membership building we will use the free ‘networking’ space on this website to show you more footbikers in action.


3 Responses

  1. Which would you recommend as a first…Kickbike or Footbike…and a particular model? I’ll have to order online since we don’t have a local dealer. Footbike has a low-end steel frame $100 model, which they suggest as a starter…any thoughts?

  2. I say…
    If you’re not immediately – or completely – infatuated with the idea of this sport, then go for something that isn’t going to set you back too much. I know some people who would never enjoy balancing on one leg, even for short periods. For them, the learning curve is overwhelming. But, if you’ve skated or been on skis, then go for something nice. The costlier ones have nice stuff like quik-release hubs and smoother bearings. If you have some bike wheels lying around, you can buy the cheapie and swap out the front wheel. The frame weight isn’t that big an issue, unless you’re racing or touring with a load.

    Hope this helps

  3. When I was looking to buy my first sport scooter (also sight unseen) I went for the then least-expensive Kickbike model (the G3 City Cruiser).

    (FootbikeUSA, if they were even in business then, were flying below the radar.)

    It was a good choice, as the scooters are so simple that levels of “quality” are quite fine-grained. The least-expensive Kickbikes and Footbikes are both great rides.

    Now I have that and a Footbike Street model (which used to be their cheapest model). I could recommend the “low-end” Footbike as a starter: the steel frame is completely sufficient because, unlike a bicycle, very little stress is imparted to a scooter’s frame. Also, apart from the material, the frame seems to be identical to the other Footbike frames, which have some nice touches: two-position rear dropouts and high water-bottle bosses.

    Update: Maybe they don’t have the two-position dropouts – from pictures it’s hard to tell. But they are very nice and stiff.

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