This footbike’s no fantasy

Elden's cruiser

It’s a beautiful cruiser, created by Yahoo! Kickbiking mail-list member Elden. He writes:

I made the following alterations:

Rear rack: Installed an old Schwinn cast aluminum rear rack with a sprung “hold down” arm. I made and added the rosewood panels for class. The rack is attached to the axle and drop-outs, and then the fender is attached to the rack with brackets I made. I kept all the original fender brackets intact so I can revert it to the original if I hit my ankle on the rack too much.

Headlight: I got a bullet headlight. I painted the cone black. It is mounted to the fender by modifying the bracket that came with it. I attached it with a wingnut so I can remove it easily.

Handlebars: I got some reDICuloud handlebars for it. I then added some leather grips sewn with red cord. I added a larger bell and new brake levers, and mounted it all with a vintage steel neck. This can all be removed easily and swapped for the original bars if I feel like sporting instead of cruising. I had a hard time finding a rear brake cable long enough to work with the huge bars.

Foot Plate: I put grip tape on the foot plate. This required grinding off the raised Kickbike logos, but I like the look much better.

Water bottle cage: I added a standard water bottle cage but I have seen one, somewhere, designed to hold a hip flask. I will continue to try to find one of those.

Now all I need is for the ice to melt (usually about April).


3 Responses

  1. Yea that is a cool ride fersure. I was just thinking about trying out a pair of wide bars that I just found in the shed….been wondering if my stance would put too much pressure on the bar and wind it downward. Dunno though…..not yet!

  2. GREAT job! Looks pretty COOL!

  3. I love it, fantastic! Let’s get it into production :)
    For me in black with some fire and tattoos on it, thanks! :)

    Greetings from Europe

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