Where’s Mandrake the Magician when you need him?

Mandrake gestures hypnotically

When he “gestured hypnotically,” you saw what he wanted you to. FootbikeUSA‘s Moses has a little bad news: They won’t be paying to ship Footbikes any more.

We looked around for some mind control-like verbage that would let you know that everything was “going to be alright” and that it “wouldn’t hurt a bit” to see that the costs of our Footbikes were going to increase.


One Response

  1. PH–
    Thanks again for keeping the word alive. Hey we just shipped an FB to a lady in your space, we’ll track her down and forward her to your ScooterSport.

    We just finished inventory and see that we are overstocked on Pink Track models, and also a small number of the Express in both colors.
    So if you are ready to add a Pink Track to your stable of scooters then give us a shout and we’ll work something out. We have been thinking about taking a dozen and painting a Zebra print over the pink….mebbe?

    Stay tuned for things like SUPER SALE TODAY, SALE OF THE WEEK, LABOR DAY, 4TH……I could go on.

    Just Kick It!

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