Jim Gallant’s homebuilt footbikes

Homemade footbike

While looking for something else on the Web, I found this page. Jim Gallant, in Washington, is a tinker extraordinaire. He welded a pair of matching footbikes from some 10-speeds he bought at a yard sale, and turned his son’s first bicycle into a 12″ scooter.

The page is part of his “Homebuilt HPV Stuff” website that includes some wild homemade rides, all marked by high levels of ingenuity, execution and finish, such as a Motorized Cargo Bike and a Full Suspension Homebuilt Recumbent.


2 Responses

  1. Great stuff! I liked his tall bike. The video showed how easy it was for him to get on and off it. I am sure most of us would crash it!

  2. Very NICE! The beauty of his design is, there isn’t any “tube” bending involved. So someone with basic welding skills can do something the same or similar….Besides, he recycled something that may have ended up in the trash. Good for him!

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