Carrying tools on a footbike

'Burrito' toolbagI never would venture out on the bicycle, and now, scooter, without a few essential tools. Not so easy to carry on a footbike, though; you can’t strap anything to your seat.

Originally, with my stock handlebars, I used a Jandd Mountain Handle Packto carry my tools, but after settling on my present bars, I got a piece of waxed cotton cloth, folded the tools inside, burrito-style, and toe-strapped them to a minimal Pletscher (remember them?) front rack.

Said tools comprise two tubes (a 700C and an 18-incher); a tube repair kit, some hex wrenches and the little screwdrivers that came with my Kickbike, wrapped in a bandana; a little wrench/cable cutter; two spoons for tire-irons and a mini-pump. The same “burrito” can also be strapped to various handlebars, or underneath a bicycle seat, if you are occasionally so inclined.


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