Delving into the market – in footbikes

Scooter DealsI’m going to periodically survey the lowest prices I can find for scooters on the Web and post them to this page (which is available through the “Pages” links on the sidebar).

They’ll represent anything larger than a Xootr that’s available in North America*, and which publishes prices on the Internet. If you know of any deals, let me know and I’ll post them if they’re within spitting distance of the lowest-priced scooter, or if they represent a significant discount on a more expensive ride.

*If I’m sent good prices for scooters available elsewhere, I’ll find room for them, too, but knowing only English (alas), I’m unlikely to discover them on my own.


2 Responses

  1. Pete–
    That is pretty much ‘the word’ on the Mogo- to-Express story. According to deeper lore, the Mogo series had faulty welds, faulty paint, a first generation ‘ankle slicer’ deck, Brooks valves on the tubes (really), and a high speed mechanical assembly that usually meant a ballpeen ‘un-assembly’.

    Thus the finger pointing commenced and the Mogo was no more. I cannot guess as to the remaining inventory in the US—but some obviously remain.

    The Express resulted from continued customer demand for a ‘low price adult scooter’. The remaining inventory was shipped from the Chinese sub-contractor, back to Taiwan to the Footbike Factory (aka MM Bicycles the owner builder of Optima Recumbents, Footbike, and a million other patents.

    The completed goal was to strip the Mogo, fix faulty welds, repaint, re-assemble, change to a composite deck, and replace the tubes with the Schraeder valve. Mission accomplished.

    There is a Mogo hanging on the wall at FootbikeUSA. They call it the ‘notcher footbike’. Every time they sell a ‘real’ Footbike—they carve a notch in the Mogo with a metal file. When it is covered in file marks they are going to send it to the brain trust at Mogo Scooter to remind them that these are more than just ‘toy scooters’.

  2. Thanks, Spartacus, for your comments “from the horse’s mouth,” as it were. I’ve added them to the “Scooter Deals” page for as long as there are Mogos left.

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