Fantasy Footbikes: Frank Patterson Tribute

Frank Patterson tribute

This installment of the occasional series is my poor tribute to the amazing pen-and-ink illustrations of British cycling artist Frank Patterson (1871-1952). Given that my drawing style is more influenced by Mad Magazine than Gustave Doré, still I had this in me and it had to come out. (Click on the pic for a larger version.)

For more on Frank Patterson, see this page.


3 Responses

  1. Peter,

    That’s a really good Patterson you drew! I like the update too, with the scooter – I think Paterson would have approved.


  2. Thanks, Gary; I’m enjoying your thoughts on the mechanics of kicking – they make sense, and I haven’t read anything like them elsewhere. Of course as a source you have the credibility.


  3. Hey Peter that is a really great drawing. Would you mind shooting a pdf over to FBUSA so we can put it in the Family photo album. It has a great beat and I think you can dance to it!

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