Catawba 780 a stealth footbike race?

Catawba780 video screen grabJoe Jung posted news of this video to the KickbikeUSA mail list. Run on Oct. 3 in Springfield, Ohio, at 7:00 a.m. (before sunrise, from the looks of the vid), the Catawba 780 appears to be a stealth race (like British time trials, run when massed-start bicycle roadracing was illegal there – and which might be another fun way for footbikers to compete) over 7.8 miles, featuring stalwarts Bob Dymond, Doug Estep, Luther Hill, Joe Jung, James Klay, Tracy Sample and Brian Smith.

Is Springfield therefore the hotbed of American kicking that it seems to be? (In North Carolina I’ve never seen one other footbiker, not counting kids on Razors.)


2 Responses

  1. Footbike sightings in NC. If you are ever in Wrightsville Beach, NC. My daughter and granddaughters might be seen on kickbikes or a Diggler mountain scooter, or me on my Footbike when I visit.

  2. Bob, that’s good to hear. To paraphrase our Jewish friends, “Next year in Raleigh!”

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