Western world’s winner writes weblog

'No chain, no pain' jerseyGary Schmitt, footbike veteran men’s sprint world champion (the first American to attain world-champion status) (.xls results file), has a new ‘blog, succinctly called Kick Racer.

Gary’s “About” page modestly says,

I kick a scooter – an adult scooter called a Footbike. It’s been five years of steady kicking for me, plus about five years of erratic kicking before that. I kick on TeamFootbikeUSA as the captain of the team. This is a great gig and I get exercise without thinking about it. However, I am not quitting [my] day job.

Bookmark this one! Welcome to WordPress, Gary!


2 Responses

  1. Pete, Thanks – that’s really nice.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog and the variety of scooter-related items you post. It’s a real asset to the scooterists in the U.S. and I’m sure being followed by people in the sport in Europe as well.

    Keep it kicking,

  2. And thank you, Gary. Yes, they’re reading Scooter-Sport in Europe, too.

    I look forward to reading your experiences, observations and tips on the purest two-wheeled sport.

    ~Pete …o_7O

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