Closet kickbiker comes out on twitter

Tom DanielsonMoses at FootbikeUSA talks to many professional athletes about his machines, but the next time he sees them, they’re mum. Turns out (says Mose) that often they’ve latched on to a training aid they’d rather keep secret.

Now Garmin-Slipstream pro cyclist Tom Danielson (who currently holds the record for the fastest ascent of Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, in the Race to the Clouds competition, and the record time for the Mt. Evans Hill Climb in Colorado, which traverses the highest paved road in North America) has put it out on twitter:

I’m taking my offseason training to a new level. Just finished footbiking the peak to peak.

Fasten your helmet-straps. It may be a wild ride.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Pete

    Speaking of Mt Evans: Alpo and Jaani kicked up Mt Evans. They warmed up by kicking from San Francisco. Alpo said the wind was so fierce on the descent, they were climbing downhill.

    Bob D

  2. A few years ago, I recall John V. asking about riding his kickbike up Mt. Washington during this race or during the practice run. The race organizers said, “No.” Maybe they will let Tom D. kickbike up the mountain!

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